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- Seo Ye kyeong
82 - 51 - 3048001

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 Our company focuses its efforts on research for 

 new product developments.

 Based on our experience in the related field, 

 we have numerous utility designs, patents and design rights.



In 1999, we were selected as "Prospective World Cup related Product Manufacturing Company" 

and "Export Support Company" by Ministry of Small-Medium sized Business.


Also, we obtained "Q-Mark" from Korea Environment and Merchandise Testing Institute 

every years since our establishment.


Also, by working in the "Revolutionary Technology Development Project" created

by academy-industry cooperation, we have developed antibiotic and anti-odor technology

and received "SF Mark" for its innovative qualities.

We are continuing to receive high credibility from our customers.


We are investing on development of various functional product.

Along with various local exhibitions, we participated in Germany's Consumer Goods Trade

Fair Exhibition, Hong Kong's House ware Exhibition, Dubai's International Exposition

and Tokyo Present Exhibition.


We will continue to satisfy our partners based on our "customer-first" business principle.



                                                                                                        CEO Yoon Suk Kwon


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